Poteva essere altrimenti?

E vabbé, cediamo alla mania dei test :-)

Che personaggio di Wil & Grace sei?

Will Truman

Being Will means that youve met plenty of right partners. Even if the never thought the same about you.
To forget the lovelife you (dont) have you cover yourself in work.
You want everything in life going the way you planned it. Doesnt matter if its a trip to the carribean or the way you read your morning paper.

So che qualcuno starà annuendo alla grande per questo risultato… ^_^

<!– –>

  1. #1 by GattoVI on 4 April 2004 - 15:43

    Non so chi Lei sia, Signore! ;-)

  2. #2 by utente anonimo on 4 April 2004 - 10:50

    Sì, sto decisamente annuendo… ;-)

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