Dedicato a

Tratto da Will & Grace in onda fra poco su Italia 1.
Una delle scene più belle della serie :)

Karen finge di essere una cameriera perché teme che Anton, un inserviente dellhotel in cui abita, non la apprezzi perché è ricca.

ANTON: I love you, Lopita. [Lopita è il nome finto di Karen]


KAREN: Wait. No. This isnt right.

ANTON: Or is it the rightest thing ever?

KAREN: No. Its all a lie. Im not who you think I am. Im not good or real. Im evil and imaginary. And Im rich. Filthy rich!

ANTON: I, I dont understand.

KAREN: Im not a maid. Im a snoot, a swell, a fat cat.


KAREN: Look at these soft, unlined breasts. Theyve never done an honest days work in their lives.

ANTON: [MERSMERIZED] Im sorry, I didnt hear you. Ive been looking at your breasts.

KAREN: [SIGHS] My name is Karen Walker, and Im the opposite of everything you stand for. Im uptown, youre downtown. Im upstairs, youre downstairs. Im uppers… Im downers. Do you think that theres any way that you could ever love someone as rich and powerful as me?


KAREN: Really?

ANTON: Of course. Youre my soul mate. I love you, rich or poor.

KAREN: [HAPPY] Oh, darling. Ive waited my whole life for this moment.


KAREN: Lets celebrate. This calls for champagne.

ANTON: I dont drink.

KAREN: It cant work. Were from two different worlds.


(courtesy of Puntata 5.18 – Fagmalion Part Four: The Guy Who Loved Me)

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